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Overseas is a collection of short art games. Each game is a completely independent world with its own rules and its own kind of weirdness. Nevertheless, all worlds are joined together by a common interface — a mysterious place resembling a spaceship.

The episodes of Overseas are like digital poems. There are no goals and no story in the usual sense, but at some deep level all worlds are interconnected and express the same idea. The point of playing Overseas is to feel and understand this connection.

The journey is just beginning: now there are only four games (La forêt, Tlön, Sacred Grove, Chernodyrsk). However, the collection potentially unlimited, and in the course of time new games will be added.

Overseas is developed by a team of two people: Yuliya Kozhemyako and Margarita Skomorokh.

The first part, which includes 4 episodes, will be released in 2019.

Follow us for updates. More information on the website: overseas.digital

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